Luck-Bringing Good-Hearters

215 Luck-Bringing Good-HeartersAn elephant is a large mammal whose weight could reach 7000kg and height – 4 metres. It has tusks that help it move objects and dig, as well as they are its protecting weapons. It breaths, lifts water and grasps objects with the help of its long, long trunk. As to its legs, they are pillar-like and owing to them an elephant carries its enormous body. Aaaand … Of course, one of the most distinctive features of elephants is their long and “waving” ears.

Apart from the description above, elephants are considered sacred in India, China and Africa. There are religious ceremonies dedicated to the mammal where offerings are made and certain rituals are performed. The animal is washed and then special oils are spread over the body. Thus the community is blessed with good luck and good fortune.

An elephant is also a symbol of power, dignity, intelligence and peace. It’s thought to be wise and faithful, loyal and patient, strong and stable. All these features are well observed in the elephant’s nature and behaviour. These animals are highly responsible for their offspring and elders. They always stand up for the others, protect them and defend them when living in their natural habitat. Although they are big and strong, powerful and mighty, they are too sensitive and express a particular social connection.

In the end, I would add only one last thing. Elephants are a strong symbol of luck, especially when their trunk is up. Probably, in the honour of these good-hearted and luck-bringing animals mother-nature has decided to create marvelous rocks of elephants here and there in the world, the two most prominent masterpieces being the Elephant Rocks in Iceland and on the Island of Sardinia (Italy).


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