Italiano vero

213 Italiano veroThere are some certain stereotypes about nations that describe them. For instance, northern peoples are thought to be strict and a little bit cold (like their weather, by the way). On the contrary, southern sun and warmth is probably the reason why people from the south are more easy-going and party-goers. A typical example for this is the Italians and this short post could outline some of the characteristics typical only for them. Please, don’t misunderstand me. There is no irony in it and my aim is not to offend anyone, just on the opposite, I would like to express briefly why I am such a fan of Italy and everything related to it. Sooooo  … 🙂

Buongiorno Italia, gli spaghetti al dente 

Pasta with spaghetti and pizza are always linked to Italy. These Sapori d’Italia (Italian flavours) are almost sacred for the Italians who eat them once and even twice a day. And that’s why Italian people are very often nicknamed as “spaghetti men”.

Buongiorno Italia col caffé ristretto  

There is no doubt that the Italians have an incredible and indisputable coffee culture. Their coffee is espresso which is simply called caffé. They sip on it at the bar while talking about calico (football) which doesn’t take them much time at all and then off they go.

Notti magiche, inseguendo goa

The Italians (and not only) are real addicts when it comes to football and quel sogno comincia da bambino (this dream starts from childhood). They watch every single match on TV and are very emotional. During a football match at the 600 Feet one can hear so many “nice” expressions from Italian tifosi but it’s natural – la squadra azzurra (the National Team) should win and it should be supported in any way.

Mamma Mia, Mamma Mia  

Have you heard it? Of course, you have. This is the most used expression by the Italians together with “ciao” and “va fan culo”. Surely, the Italians are fans of il cavolo (cabbage) as well that is used in numerous their exclamations which sound too sweet and even funny when pronounced in the sing-songy Italian. Italian speaking is quite original and it always distinguishes the Italians from other nations. It’s because the melodical sound of the language is always accompanied by body expressions. The Italians simply cannot speak without hands, without moving their shoulders, eyes and mouths, and without facial expressions. Moreover, they talk too loudly and emotionally wherever they are – on the bus, at the airport, on the phone, etc.. This is just the way they are. But even when the Italians speak like noisy chatterboxes the musical accent of the Italian language makes it the language of love and music.

Con le canzoni, con amore e con il cuore 

Italian men do enjoy romance and every second song of theirs is like a hymn of love and affection. That’s why there is a stereotype of the Italian romantic lover often described as dark-haired, olive-skinned, with a seductive smile and eyes, a true gentleman. He is always good-looking and stylishly dressed, and always alla moda from the head to feet.

So, ladies, wait for your plumber to find you. He will jump on turtles, eat mushrooms and save princesses. But there is no doubt, you will be his princess and he will be un italiano vero. 😉

Lasciatemi cantare, con la chitarra in mano. Lasciatemi cantare una canzone piano piano. Lasciatemi cantare perché ne sono fiero. Sono un italiano, un italiano vero 🙂


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