The Three Shades of Blue

212 The Three Shades of BlueWhen you are in Hellas, you come across innumerous beauty spots cradled by deep, turquoise-blue, crystal clean water. It’s not strange that this is the land of Gods, one of them being the God of Sea – Poseidon who lived in his light blue, celestial kingdom.

Oh, My God. I love this blue topic as the colour itself is my favourite one as well as it’s the colour of sea and sky that sometimes merge on the horizon and bring blue beauty which we enjoy in ….

Balos Lagoon is an idyllic beach is kissed by the three seas – the Sea of Crete, the Mediterranean and the southern parts of the Aegean. The meeting point of the three seas with a different mineral composition and salinity is the thing that has contributed to the wonderful colours of the water (at a time even unnatural) – exotic white, turquoise, jade-green, and crystal and vivid blue, turning the beach into a Blue Paradise, fully competing the most exotic beaches in the Caribbean basin. The sea here is very shallow and too warm and it is the ideal place for a swim for very small kids. The uniqueness of the islet is also in its sand.

212 The Three Shades of Blue_1Principally, we are accustomed to stepping on white sand but the Balos lagoon has pinkish coloured sand in many of the turquoise pools. Maybe you will ask yourselves how it’s possible.  It’s simple. The lagoon is full of different shells and the millions of crushed shells give the sand the pink colour. By the way, if you decide to take some sand and bring it at home, you might be sure that it will change its colour to white after some time (after a day, a week or month) because it will be like a picked up flower that needs its natural habitat.

212 The Three Shades of Blue_2Greece is among the countries with the most crystal clear sea waters. In 2013 Hellas ranked the second after Spain in terms of blue flags (according to the “Blue Flag Programme eco-label for Beaches and Marinas”). The country got more than 300 blue flags. Most of the blue-flag beaches are on Corfu, followed by Zakynthos (10 in number) and the rest are scattered around the country. In the second place, the sea water surrounding the Ionian Islands is unnaturally turquoise-blue. Yes, it’s true. Before I visited “The Seven Islands” (i.e. Ionian Island group) I had seen tens of thousands of photos and I had thought that they were photoshopped too much. No! The colour is real even in cold spring weather. Even turquoise-blue has given the name to one of the greatest landmarks of Zakynthos and Corfù, i.e. the Blue Caves.

There is no doubt that Ionian Greek beaches are the most beautiful ones. Why? They are the cleanest ones, and the reason for that is the seawater salinity. (Believe me, the level of saltiness of the Ionian Sea is extremely high and even after several baths under the shower salt cannot be removed entirely). And which do you think is the most beautiful beach of Greece and among the ten dream-beaches in the world? Porto Katsiki. The name means the “the goat port” because only goats could reach it in the past. Nowadays this paradise as well as the nearby Egremni beach is reachable by sea and by road but for sure, the greatest attraction is a daily cruise from Nydri (on the island of Lefkada). When the three-deck cruise ship anchors at the beaches, you have no other chance but fall in love with the crystal clean sea waters with numerous shades of blue, the gorgeous rocks and the beach.

212 The Three Shades of Blue_3Being on the topic of beaches, there is a variety of beaches on the island of Santorini. There is no doubt that the Red Beach of Akrotíri is the most impressive one with the red rock formations and unique volcano landscapes. Even more unique is the Black Beach. Just imagine black sand from the volcano mixed with grey-white pebbles and gigantic rocks around. Nice, a? And of course, there are some white-sand beaches in addition. Notwithstanding, the seascape of Santorini isn’t perfectly completed without its deep, blue, crystal, clean, alluring water of the caldera in which you can be a welcome guest to God Poseidon. 🙂


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