Sea Stars

211 Sea StarsOnce upon a time there lived a wise man that walked along the ocean coast every morning before starting writing his books. One day while he was walking he saw a human being dance. He smiled and thought how nice it was to see a dancing figure on the beach at daytime. He stepped out to that creature.

When he reached the dancing figure he saw it was a young man. He was not dancing but he was taking something from the sand and was putting it back gently into the water.

“Morning”, said the wise man when he was already close to him. “What are you doing?

 The young man stopped for a while, looked at him and answered:

I am throwing starfish back into the ocean.

 “Maybe I should have asked you why you were doing this. Why are you returning the sea stars back into the ocean?

The sun is rising and the ebb-tide is coming. If I don’t put them back into the water, they will die.

But, my boy, this beach is too long and is covered with sea stars all over. You cannot change anything.

The young man listened to him politely, bent over, took the next starfish, threw it into the foamy waters and said:

I have already changed something for this one.


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