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207 Travel App MeEven as an experienced traveller, I still need some cute apps on my mobile or tablet that make my journeys more comfortable and pleasant no matter we speak about the luggage preparation or the travel itself. And here are several Android apps.

Even if I succeed in buying all the necessary travel items immediately, I should not forget to pack all of them. And now the fun starts here and continues on the trip.  Sometimes my personal experience cheats me and from time to time it happens to me to leave this and that at home and when I am already on vacation I raid either drug stores or shops in order to re-obtain them. Believe me sometimes it’s not that easy to find them out in a quiet village up in the mountain. Or when I am abroad very often I should communicate with shop assistants with gestures and sounds. So, guys, in order to avoid such stupid and even funny situations, freely trust Floral List that is not just a checklist but also helps categorize and pack travel items. Then there is no worry about “Oh, my God, I forget to pack this or that”. 

We all know that weather is the “second element” during our vacations. How many times do we go on a trip, it pours with rain and we don’t have an umbrella with us or appropriate clothes in our suitcases or rucksacks? I have much bitter experience in that and that’s because of using unrealiable weather applications. That’s why I always check the weather forecast with Il Meteo or Gismeteo before every journey.

Sometimes travelling by bus or train can be boring. For sure, there are so many landscapes that can be seen through the window. Surely, if I feel bored I might listen to music or read a book. But you will agree with me that such a long journey may be more exciting if I can play some simple games from my childhood on my mobile. That’s why I have downloaded entertaining apps on my Sony like Tic Tac Toe, Backgammon, 250+ Solitaire, Hangman and Sudoko.

Finally, I might only add that these are only few of the thousands apps on Google Play that might be of help when we travel. Possibly, there are others more advanced but even with these eight products I feel well-equipped for my journeys during which I always feel alive.


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