Between Two Cultures

206 Between Two CulturesThere is one small region in France that has always been influenced by two cultures. It’s Alsace and is situated in the eastern outskirts of the country bordering Germany and Switzerland. The fact that France and Germany have often changed the possession of the region through history reflects over its culture, language and cuisine.

I won’t dip into the historic background of Alsace because I am not a historian. I will only share a few things which I know about it. If there is some inaccuracy, I apologize in advance. So, the French territory was ceded to Germany after the defeat of the French in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. After less than 50 years Germany lost the First World War and France re-obtained the territory in 1918. The history changed again in 1940 when Hitler annexed the region. The end of the WWII mark the end of these annexations and Alsace has been within the French borders since then. During all these French-German periods locals constantly changed their language and history was re-written several times. Their culture was greatly influenced as well as their cuisine.

As the region is mainly agricultural, every family grew up soar cabbage. Sauerkraut was the one only vegetable and every family had its own stone cabbage barrel. Even nowadays cabbage cultivation is among the major vocations and even endless rows with cabbages are seen while going through Alsace. The French capital of sour cabbage is situated there as well and it is the town of Krautergersheim.

Having in mind all of the above, you might guess which the local meal is. Of course, sour cabbage. But people of Alsace add either sausages or meat as well as potatoes. This nutritive and nourishing meal goes well with some mustard and some red wine. Enjoy it. 🙂


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