Modern Ancient Rome

203 Modern Ancient Rome

On Saturday evening the telephone is ringing. Ring-ring …. No answer ….. She is redialing the number ….. Ring-ring …  eccolo …. Somebody is picking up the receiver.

Ciao. Is that you, amore mio?

Sì, tesoro.

– Ah, nice. How has your day been?

– Hello, helloooo …. Can you hear me, dear?

– Yes, I can. And you?

– Now, yes. I cannot believe it. It’s not normal. We live in the 1st century BC and mobile telephone calls are a real disaster. I hope modern IT technologies to be spread out through the whole Empire soon.

– Let’s hope so, my dear. By the way, why don’t you change the Imperial Mobile Carrier with a new one? It would be easy for you.

– You are right. And I will send all of the current employees to the Coliseum….. So, what did you do in the morning and afternoon?

– I woke up and I made myself some coffee. I tried a new type imported from your lands. It was so nice and strong. Well, then I had a milk bath which I adore, you know. Then I went to the gym and then did some shopping. Do you know the new trends in tunica and togas? Blue is a trendy colour this summer. So, amore, think about it.

– Of course, I know that. This is the colour of the Imperial Football Team. Roma won the game over Carthage yesterday and they are lucky. If they hadn’t won the championship, they would have been thrown and eaten by the lions of the Coliseum. A proposito, Ancient Roman State Televison is a nightmare.

– Why? What happened again?

– The programme is disgusting. Can you imagine there are soap operas all day long? All channels must be closed down immediately and substituted with private ones. That’s it!

– Calm down, honey, you can do that as well.

– Yes, yes. I will do it soon. By the way, I watched a science fiction film. It was a strange one.  Do you know anything about that guy …. What is his name? I think Christopher Columbus? Do you know that he dicovered the New World in the movie?

– Of course…… These are the lands beyond the Pillars of Hercules. I have watched it as well.Its name is “The Discovery of America“. Darling, I’ve gotta go now. There is a ladies’ night party in the Square of the Pyramids and I want to go and amuse myself a little. What are your plans for tonight?

– Ladies’ night party? And you are going there ….?

– Yes, my dear, why not?

– Okay, okay …. But don’t exagerate. And take some gladiators to guard you.

– Alright. No worries. I promise. I am kissing you and catch you tomorrow. Ciaoo-oooo

– Ciao …. Women!


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