Trapped in a Web, A Weaver Forever

202 Trapped in a Web, A Weaver ForeverThere are too many superstitions in our life. We believe in some of them and disregard the rest. Probably they have been imposed on us somehow and they follow us every day. A humble example is when one sees a spider. Some will say that it means people don’t clean their house regularly and that is why it’s “invaded” by spiders. But those who believe in superstitions will answer bluntly that it’s not true. The house is pretty clean and as to the spider, they will explain the two superstitions related to spiders – that they will get money or will have guests soon (that’s the reason why the spider web is still there and the spider hasn’t been killed). Or if you are too witty and aware of the Greek mythology, you might also add that you are honoured to give a shelter to the first spider ever. And do you know who the first spider was, as a matter of fact?

For sure it’s not the Spider-Man but a beautiful and very talented young girl who lived in the Hellenistic period. Her fame of a very skilful weaver reached every corner of Hellas. She could weave with multi-colourful threads turning them in extremely beautiful pictures. But this mortal woman, whose name was Arachne, was too chesty (and even haughty) and extremely foppish. She was aware of her exceptional skills and talent and was proud of not having competitors in the weaving crafts. One day she dared to say that even Athena (the Goddess of wisdom and crafts) wouldn’t be able to win in a competition. Thus the mortal lady got the Goddess furious and challenged her. Arachne’s goal was to compete with Athena and show that she herself, the mortal human being, was a better weaver than the divine creature from the Mount Olympus.

And it happened. The competition was set. The two skilful weavers started weaving on their weaving looms. The two pictures were wonderful. But … but selfish Arachne said boldly that her masterpiece was more beautiful than that of Athena. The Goddess let off steam and cursed the mortal woman. She transformed proud Archne into the first spider ever. Since that moment the young lady has been weaving forever and ever and has been bound and linked to her weaving loom – the spider web. And one more thing here. Archne gave her name to a class of 8-legged spiders that are known as Arachnids nowadays.


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