From The Mountain to The Ocean

201 From The Mountain to The Ocean 1If you have already felt the amazing aroma of The Beautiful Lily of Europe, have wandered Up and Down the Hills, have got acquainted with the Admiral of the Indian Seas or have enjoyed the New Old World and you don’t know what else you can do. No worries. The surrounding areas of Lisbon have plenty to offer. The well developed suburban train and bus network of the capital greatly facilitates your trip, especially when you are not a driver or simply you don’t want to burden yourself driving in an foreign country. So, the only thing you ought to do is to take one of the numerous trains from Lisbon leading to nearby Sintra and then a bus to Cascais.

201 From The Mountain to The Ocean 2But let us first start with Sintra. The 30-min journey will be a real pleasure and you know why? Because you will pass by smaller settlements and picturesque on your way to the fairy-tale mountainous Lisbon sub-region. I might say it will be something like a prelude to its castles and beauty. When you arrive in the historic centre you will see that it’s a cool place but for sure, the castles above the town are the most amazing part of Sintra. Coincidentally they are UNESCO sites where you can imagine being a prince or a princess living in a magic kingdom. Hmmmm … Although the weather there is typically mountainous and often foggy, don’t be down because thus the atmosphere is more mystical and thrilling and especially when you visit the Pena Palace which is for me the most beautiful one.

201 From The Mountain to The Ocean 3Well, it’s now high time we got out of our fairytale and jump into the “big water”. Are you with me? Okay, then, let’s get on the bus and head for Cascais. The city possesses picturesque coastline. The cliffs are gorgeous. As for the city centre, I could only say it’s pretty nice and charming. If you’re a photo maniac, this will be your Mecca where you will need several pairs of batteries and plenty of SD cards. The most awe-inspiring thing for me is the atmosphere Cascias gives to its locals and visitors alike. What I mean is that this impressive, tiny city is too cozy and at the same time it’s situated on the oceanic coast. Or in other words said, this small wonderful dwarf is hugged by the “big water” What would say? Do you like it?


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