200 MoaiThe wonders in the world are seven in number but apart from that classification there are a great number of others that are also worthy. Principally, all these statues and buildings are wonders because we have not still have revealed all of their secrets and they have still been a mystery to us. The answers of the numerous questions we have nowadays couldn’t be given because only ancient people knew them. Ancient people like Rapa Nui, for example, who settled down on today’s Chilean Easter Island.  

After having moved here, they created an amazing culture consisting of full-of-mystery stone moai and thousands of artefacts. These carved stones are approximately 887 and are spread out on the whole island. Nobody can reply to why-and-how questions. Why were they built? How were they disseminated around the island?

Why? Recently it’s been discovered that these massive moai aren’t only heads but they also have bodies attached to them underneath the ground. The hidden up to now underground bodies are covered with carvings and indecipherable writings which bear the name – petroglyphs.  Actually, moai’s secret writings are known as aspetroglyphs and are of “ring and girdle” design, i.e. representing sun and rainbow.

How? Just imagine these statues being from 4 to 10 metres high and weighing from 13 to 82 tons. Nowadays any moves are possible but how could Rapa Nui people move them to the various places around the Easter Island stretching on a territory of 102 kilometres? No one knows. There weren’t drawing and dismantling machines between 1250 – 1500 CE. So, then, how? This is a secret to be revealed by the generations to come and after other about 900 head statues are also unearthed. Till then, we shall only guess and make hypothesis about Rapa Nui, their first king – Hoto-Matua, whose ship landed at Aneka, etc.


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