Look At The World With a Child’s Eye

194 Look At The World With a Child's EyeWhen one is a child, they want to be grown-ups. Little boys pretend to be true men with mustaches and muscles. Little girls use their mothers’ dresses and shoes on high heels as well as make-up. But what for? After some years kids will enter adults’ world and will always live in it later on. So, one should not be in a hurry wanting to become a grown-up. And when that moment comes one ought to keep the inner child as well as the bright memories of their childhood when ….

….. when a boy wants to be “a future man, poet or mariner”. This little sailor who was born Somewhere at the Black Sea becomes more mature too soon and quickly than the rest. He’s also a greater dreamer who would like to have his own boat and cross the seas in it and he always finds a way. He is capable of constructing and renovating a boat of his own from an old and deserted vessel. Thus his childish adventurousness helps him make his dream come true and go for a boat ride in the sea although after some minutes his improvised boat gets drowned and turns into a small toy floating in the “big water”, i.e. the sea.

….. when a boy bets on things fully impossible at that time. He loses the bet but he never gives up. After some time he gathers courage and jumps into the ship on which his father is a sailor. His friend’s guitar creates too many confusing situations and troubles though finally, the story has a happy end. This small adventurer becomes a sailor boy who visits far-distant lands, more specifically, the The Pearl of Cataluña. After the days spent at sea, this little boy has already turned into an adult because he has lived every boy’s dream, i.e. to be a mariner, to visit lands he studies about at geography lessons at school, to be a man.

Well, most of you won’t understand that post. Probably only some of the Bulgarian-speaking readers will do because it’s the plot of an old 1986 Bulgarian movie and a book of the same name by Bros Mormarevi. The title is “Vasco da Gama from the Village of Rupcha” and that small, brave adventurer is Vasco.


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