Je t’aime

191 The Happily Ever AfterHopeless romantics and troublemakers …. Loving afar and hidden feelings … Intense teenage love affairs and a strong passion … What else? Yes … Anger and drama ….

These are the things that well describe that period of our lives when we are young and freedom-loving, when we are teenagers who start exploring true love. We are a little bit eccentric and we talk to the moon. Or we make troubles and mistakes but finally we get the feeling of being in love.

Do you remember these teenage years? I hope you do. 🙂 …. because they are sweet and wonderful, and leave an unforgettable footprint in our lives.

All this applies to the three teenage couple as well – Anna and St Claire (from “Anna and the French Kiss”), Lola and Cricket Bell (from “Lola and the Boy Next Door”), and Isla Martin and Joshua Wasserstein (from “Isla and the Happily Ever After”). The latter is the third book in series by Stephanie Perkins who describes the strong love between a desperate romantic and rebel-cartoonist.

Isla is sweet and adorable. She is smart and charming. She is an excellent student who crushes on a bad boy. She has loved him for years, since they became students at the American School in Paris. Unfortunately, she has loved him apart. Moreover, destiny decides that Isla ought to become a witness of the relationship between Josh and his already ex-girlfriend. But after some years that same destiny determines that she meets his beloved boy in Manhattan and that is the beginning of their passionate love.

Coming back to Paris, they become a couple step-by-step and their relationship flourishes. His soul of a rebel changes her and she runs some risks in the name of love. One of them is really worthy as it stretches beyond New York and Paris, and reaches Barcelona. They have the happiest moments together in the Pearl of Cataluña but this costs them a long period of time when they should live apart. Despite all these obstacles the NY senator’s son and Isla get together again and it’s forever this time. And it’s because true love always wins.


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