The Kiss of the Three Seas

182 The Kiss of the Three Seas 0The Kiss of the Three Seas, the Blue Paradise and the Pink Beach are only three of the few nicknames of one of the most majestic places in whole Hellas and the loveliest place in Crete. This exotic and stunning islet is situated somewhere there between the two islands of Gramvousa and the small Cape of Tigani (“tigani” means a “frying pan” in Greek). If you have not heard about them, I will be more specific and tell you that this unique lagoon lies on the northwestern coast of the Island of Crete, only 56km off Chania and 17km off Kastelli-Kissamos by sea.  

B   A   L   O   S      L   A   G   O   O   N

The Island of Gramvousa is also known as the “Pirate Island”. Fittingly, for such an island, the Balos Lagoon exists. This idyllic beach is kissed by the three seas – the Sea of Crete, the Mediterranean and the southern parts of the Aegean. The meeting point of the three seas with a different mineral composition and salinity is the thing that has contributed to the wonderful colours of the water (at a time even unnatural) – exotic white, turquoise, jade-green, and crystal and vivid blue, turning the beach into a Blue Paradise, fully competing the most exotic beaches in the Caribbean basin. The sea here is very shallow and too warm and it is the ideal place for a swim for very small kids.

182 The Kiss of the Three Seas 10The uniqueness of the islet is also in its sand. Principally we are accustomed to stepping on white sand but the Balos lagoon has pinkish coloured sand in many of the turquoise pools. Maybe you will ask yourselves how it’s possible.  It’s simple. The lagoon is full of different shells and the millions of crushed shells give the sand the pink colour. By the way, if you decide to take some sand and bring it at home, you might be sure that it will change its colour to white after some time (after a day, a week or month) because it will be like a picked up flower that needs its natural habitat.

182 The Kiss of the Three Seas 12Last but not least, the Balos lagoon is like a wild princess of the “Pirate Island”. It’s because of its wild natural beauty and exotic postcard scenery. The various parts of the rocky islet are connected through small pools of crystal clear water and white-pink sand where small fish swim near you without fear. The area beyond the rocks is perfect for snorkeling and diving in the deeper and colder waters. The lagoon is a shelter for Mediterranean Monk Seals (also known as “Monachus-Monachus”) and loggerhead sea turtles Caretta-Caretta as well as lots of bird, plant and other species and cacti.

182 The Kiss of the Three Seas 13Undoubtedly, this extremely beautiful paradise and its solitude will capture your heart and you will feel like the royal family (Prince Charles and late Princess Diana) that visited the Balos lagoon in their yacht many years ago. In the end, I would only advise you to head for that idyllic paradise and enjoy the quietness and exotic scenery as much as I did. 🙂


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