Coffee Romance

181 Coffee RomanceWhat might a single coffee bean and a cup of bad coffee do to a late-Victorian would-be a poet? … A lot. 😀 An explicit example is the English dandy called Robert Wallis who is the main character of “The Various Flavours of Coffee” by Anthony Capella. He is a young bohemian and impoverished poet whose talent for words and palate have been noticed by coffee merchant Samuel Pinker. The young man accepts the new job reluctantly because, actually, the composition of a “vocabulary of coffee” isn’t his vocation at all. Despite this the elusive flavours his palate enjoys on a daily basis lead him to extraordinary adventures across the continent as well as to love romances with two breathtakingly charming and beautiful, exotic and passionate ladies.

One of them is Pinker’s daughter. She is a free-thinker, great supporter of women’s rights and political idealist. Their love blossoms and her father decides to put his future son-in-law on trial period. He sends him to Africa with the task to start a coffee plantation there. This decision changes Robert’s life entirely as well as his perception of love. And the causer of all this is a young black slave of a local mighty coffee merchant. She is defiant. She is seductive. She is young. She is passionate. This is enough for Robert start a love affair with her that will soon reveal him unexpected mysteries and forbidden passion.

Anthony Capella is faithful to his style as usual. His intriguing and at a time spicy stories will enchant you from the very beginning. No matter it comes to ice-cream or your Bruno, you will fall in that book as well.  And do you know why? Because it will be your adventure to late-Victorian England and distant Africa in the search of the mysteries of coffee, the meaning of life and love. Enjoy it. 🙂


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