The Boy and the Apple Tree

179 The Boy and the Apple TreeOnce upon there was a big apple tree. A small boy loved playing with it every day. He climbed up to its top, ate its apples and had a rest in its shadows. The kid loved the tree and the tree loved it when the boy visited it.

One day the he went to the tree but he looked sad.

– Come and play with me – said the tree.

– I am not a child anymore – answered the boy. – I want toys but I need money to buy them.

– I am sorry but I cannot give it to you. If you want to, you can pick up all my apples and sell them. Thus you will get money.

The boy cheered up. He picked up the apples from the tree and was happy. And after that … after that he didn’t come back for a long time. And the tree was left sad and lonely.

One day the already grown-up boy returned to the tree. The tree was sincerely happy to see him.

– Let’s play together.

– I have no time. I am the breadwinner in the family. We need a house. Can you help me?

– I am sorry but I have not a house. But you can hew my branches and use them to build your home.

The man did so. He hewed all of the branches and left the tree seemingly happy. And again he didn’t pop up for ages. The tree remained sad and lonely again.

The man came back on one very hot summer day. The tree was extremely joyful to see him.

– Come to play together.

– I am growing older. I need a boat to have a rest. Can you help me?

– Use my trunk to make your boat. You will sail away in it and you will be happy.

And thus the man cut the trunk and made a boat. He sailed off and he didn’t come back for a long time again.

After many, many years the man turned back.

– Forgive me, my boy. I have anything for you no more. My apples are over.

– No worries. I haven’t got teeth to eat them.

– I have not a trunk either, which you might climb up.

– I am too old for that.

– I am telling you sincerely I have nothing to give you. I have got only one log – said the tree with tears in its eyes.

– I don’t need anything, indeed. I want only one place where I can have a rest. I have got tired for all these years.

– Alright! One old log is the perfect shelter for a rest and a safe harbour for you.

The man sat down and the tree smiled at him crying.

As a matter of fact this is the story of anyone of us. The tree is our parents. When we are kids we love playing with Mummy and Daddy. Then we grow up. We visit them only when we need something or we are in a trouble. But no matter what, our parents always support us and they are always our anchor. Moreover, they do everything for us so we can be happy.

Maybe you think that the boy was cruel with the tree but you are not correct because all of us treat our parents like this. We take them for granted and we evaluate their efforts only after it is too late.


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