Illuminated and Singing Water

177 Illuminated and Singing WaterAre you in search for something to do in the evening? Do you want a spectacle for all your senses but at the same time something untraditional and unforgettable? Yes ….. Then, why not an outdoor  musical and ballet performance of water mingled with colours and light … What would you say, a?

I myself would say that I would love to watch such a show in the Catalan city of Barcelona. Yes, there is a wonderful place in the The Pearl of Cataluña and it is Font màgica de Montjuïc (the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc). It was constructed for the Great Universal Exhibition in Barcelona and its first performance was in May 1929. Its designer was Carles Buigas and its constructors were some 3000 workers commissioned to work on it in the course of less than one year only. As a result of their hard work and the genius of its designer, nowadays we can enjoy a spectacular outdoor show of music and ballet, colours and illumination. And all this with no booking in advance. You should only be in Plaça de Carles Buïgas in the City of the Genius of Colours and Forms in the certain evenings of the performances between April and October.

If you are not in Barcelona at that time but somewhere in Dubai, go to the Downtown Dubai and indulge in the all-year-round daily performances of the Dubai Fountain. It’s the biggest and largest colourful and choreographed fountain system in the world that spans over the 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake. Its afternoon and especially evening shows are breathtaking because you see 152-metre water jets shot by the fountain. Just imagine a 50-storey building of water, 275 metres long and illuminated by 6600 lights and 25 projectors in various colours. Since its very first performance in 2008, the Dubai Fountain has attracted millions of admirers of live choreographic water shows with lights and fomous pieces of music like Con te partirò by Andrea Bocelli.


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