They Will Always Protect Their Beautiful Home

176 They Will Always Protect Their Beautiful HomeBulgaria is a country blessed by God. We have vivid and picturesque nature. Our plains are stunningly green and our rose valley fills the air with a rose aroma. Rivers and springs murmur in the quietness of forests and mountains where they form splendid ravines and gorges. Tiny villages with one-storey houses of old times pop up on the horizon making the landscape even more amazing. Our sandy beaches and the waves of the Black Sea will enchant you as well. As to our mountains, well, they will impress you with their awesome and majestic high peaks, crystal clear river and lake water as well as snowy hills and ski slopes in winter. On top of it, most of the natural sites have their own legend deeply hidden in a stone or rock, tree or cave.

If you happen to come to Bulgaria and if you are a nature-lover, for sure, you should start your journey with the mildness of the Rhodope Mountains or the alpine beauty of Rila (the highest mountain in the Balkans) and Pirin (its highest peak being Vihren – the third highest peak on the Peninsula). Rila is situated to the southwest in Bulgaria and its summit sands at 2925 metres. Its height has given its name, i.e. the Ottoman name Musalla means “near God” or “place for prayer”. And as to the Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgarian folklore recounts a very interesting legend that goes like this.

Many, many thousand years ago, when the Earth wasn’t inhabited by human beings, a woman and man giants lived in the Rila Mountain. These two giants loved and admired the beauty and cozines of their home that was too nice, warm and cozy to attract any living creature. They loved one another and the surrounding nature, all natural forces and the whole world were happy with the giant couple ….

Unfortunately, one day the Evil Forces passed through their home. When they saw that there was such an amazing place, they became jealous of the family’s happiness, got furious and decided to destroy everything and to ruin their love. The Evil Forces sent black clouds and devastating winds. Terrible earthquakes shook the ground ….

The man giant struggled against them courageously protecting every blade of grass, every tiny spring and every flower. He tried to protect the lady of his heart stopping their attacks. But all this increased their huge malice and cruelty and made them determined to bring their evil deed to the very end ….

They killed the young giant in a fearful battle. Pleased with what they had done, the Evil Forces went away leaving broken rocks, ruined glens and a grief-stricken young woman. Her grief was enormous. Her tears were falling down straight into the glens ceaselessly, pouring and gathering into them. Thus the crystal clear Seven Rila Lakes (the Tear, the Eye, the Kidney, the Twin, the Trefoil, the Fish Lake and the lower Lake) were formed. They are one of our best natural wonders that will take your breath away once you see and visit them. And if you dare to climb up to the highest one – the Tear, you will see a rock somewhere there, between it and the Kidney. This rock “depicts” the embedded figures a woman and man – these two creatures in love that will “protect” their beautiful home forever and ever.

Welcome to Bulgaria 🙂


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