Carrot, Egg or Coffee … Which Would You Choose to Be?

173 Carrot, Egg or Coffee ... Which Would You Choose to BeOne day a desperate young lady with no faith in life shared her concerns with her father.

–  Dad, I am tired. My life is too hard. I am constantly facing hardships. I have serious concerns. Moreover, I am permanently fighting with windmills. I am fed up, Dad? What shall I do? How shall I go on like this?

Instead of answering her, he took three pots. He put a carrot in the first one,  an egg in the other one and he spilled some coffee in the last one.  After that he put them on the oven and boiled the water in the three pots. After a while he took out the carrot and egg and poured some coffee in a cup.

– My sweetheart, tell me what has changed – he asked his daughter.

– Well, the egg and the carrot are already cooked. As to the coffee, it got dissolved into the water – she replied him.

– No, my dear. It seems to be like this at first look. But look, please. The hard carrot became soft after boiling it. Right? The fragile egg got harder, didn’t it? They didn’t change outwardly but their nature changed under the influence of one and the same adverse effect, i.e. the boiling water. The same happens to human beings. Strong at first look people become weak and vulnerable and the fragile and gentle become stronger under the same circumstances of the surrounding environment …….

– And what about the coffee, Dad?

– Ah, yes, the coffee …. This is the most interesting part of my lesson to you, my dear. Coffee gets dissolved in a hostile environment and changes it. What I mean is that coffee turns ordinary boiling water into an aromatic and superb drink.

This applies to people as well. There is a particular group of people who don’t change under circumstances coming from outside. No …. 🙂 They change the circumstances themselves and turn them into innovations and driving forces. Moreover, such innovative, creative and adventurous people take advantage of the knowledge and lessons obtained while facing various hardships and while being put in various difficult situations.


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