Keep Your Inner Child Alive

172 Keep Your Inner Child AliveChildren are those innocent creatures who make our lives meaningful. A child’s smiley and happy face always helps us overcome the hardships, sleepless nights and difficult moments. The sweet expression “I love you, Mummy and Daddy” whispered is the most sing-songy one in our daily lives. And why is all this so important? … Because our kids are the centre of our universe, the meaning of our lives and those to whom we shall leave our value systems and experience.

Even when children grow up, there are moments when they don’t behave like adults. Some will say it’s bad because when you’re a grown-up you must strictly stick to the world of adults. But I will disagree with this statement. Why not to enter the childish galaxy from time to time? Is that so unacceptable? And what about leaplings that are blessed and unique (like me 😀 )? We grow up but age very slowly. That’s why we manage to keep our inner child alive forever and ever.

Speaking about children, unfortunately, millions of children starve and live in poverty all over the world. They become part of trafficking more easily as they are the most vulnerable part of our society. Their unhappy childhood leaves a huge impact on their lives and personality. And even those children who are supposed to have a happy life, cannot indulge in their childhood to the max like “former” children did in the past. Instead of playing freely in parks and open spaces, today’s kids are attracted by other types of indoor games and plays. It’s a pity. 😦

After this last pessimistic paragraph, let me brighten the situation and say that our children will always be our future and they are the world. That’s why we should do our best to ensure a happy childhood for them and take care of them every second. And, yes, we should also reduce and lessen the gap between generations. And how can that be achieved? By understanding them … by not forgetting that we were also children like them once upon a time …. i.e. by keeping our inner child alive. 🙂

Happy International Children’s Day to all kids and all grown-up children. 😉


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