She Sells Romance

170 She Sells RomanceA child of famous background but unfortunately, left at a monastery … A charismatic young lady who struggles with life and chooses the role of a cortigiana onesta in the Paris of the Belle Epoque … True love and strong feelings … art and beauty … deeply hidden secrets … and all this is to be found in the letter, diaries and journals left in the uninhabited for 70 years “Paris Apartment”.

The author Michelle Gable, chooses the two-line story in her book.  Belle Epoque and present times interweave as much as the destiny of the two very unforgettable women and main characters of the novel – Marthe de Florian and April Vogt.

Marthe de Florian is the outlaw daughter of Victor Hugo, who is left to be brought up at a monastery. When she grows up she moves to Paris where she faces misery and poverty. Wanting to change her life she starts selling romance. Her flirts with mighty and wealthy men last more than one night. That’s why she is not an ordinary courtesan but unforgettable woman even for Giovanni Boldini – one of the masters of the Belle Epoque. He depicts her in one of his paintings which is discovered (among other expensive pieces of furniture) by April Vogt in the deserted apartment in Paris.

The young American is a continental furniture specialist who takes up the task to prepare an auction on which all Marthe’s precious belongings will be sold out. April’s findings and digging into the extraordinary courtesan’s dusty private letters and journals help her escape her life and problems in the United States (her cheating husband and the rising family crises). Step-by-step she overcomes them owing to the charm and assistance of an annoyingly sexy Parisian solicitor.

These are only a few things. If you want to get more, just spend some time reading the bestseller and dive into the beauty Belle Epoque and Paris. 🙂


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