Celle di Bulgheria

168 Celle di BulgheriaOnce upon a time, in 700 A.D., a colony of Bulgarian soldiers reached Beneventano which is today’s city and comune of Campania, Southern Italy. Duca Romoaldo di Benevento allowed them to settle down in his lands and some of them chose la terra around Cepino, Isernia and Boviano while the others – around Paestum.

Their settlement in the region continued until the Bulgars reached the foot of The Hill which was later named after them, i.e. Monte Bulgheria. They founded mountainous villages, one of them having been established around a settlement with former austere rooms (better known as cells), probably of Italian-Greek monks. Thus this particular village obtained the name Celle di Bulgheria. Moreover, it’s still been bearing this name for more than 15 centuries now.

Nowadays, the mountainous village of Celle di Bulgheria is situated in the Province of Salerno, (Southern Italy), at a short distance from the Tyrrhenian Sea. It has about 2000 inhabitants and the two main attractions are the old stone square Palazzo De Luca and the church dedicated to Madonna della Neve (Madonna of the Snow) with its marble altar in bright colours – white, red, orange, blue and dark green. As to the mountain, Monte Bulgheria resembles a giant lion that is supposed to be the protector of the villagers and it seems to be lying for a rest, its eyes looking to the East.


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