The Girl Who Talked to the Moon

165 The Girl That Talked to the MoonOnce upon a time there lived a girl who could talk to the Moon. Although she was a strange bird, a little bit eccentric designer, she was as exceptional as one can be when they speak to the Moon. And a skilful boy lived next door. He observed how the pretty girl was getting more beautiful and more perfect day after day. He saw her facing the bright Moon night after night and finally he asked himself whether the Moon could reveal him the girl’s secret. One night he looked at the Moon but he couldn’t get concentrated as the stars started to shine brightly. Shall I continue the fairy-tale? 🙂 Yessssssssss ….

Every time when the boy thought about the girl, the stars started to shine more brightly and brightly like she was the magician who fattened up their gloss and brightness. Unfortunately, the boy had to leave their neighbourhood one day. He couldn’t bring the girl with him and that’s why he brought the stars. And every night when he looked out of the window, he faced one of them. He talked to it and called it Lola. When the girl’s name was whispered, another star rose. And thus step-by-step thousands of Lola-stars appeared and the sky shone on. Nice and romantic, a?

This is the starry story of Lola and the Boy Next Door by Staphanie Perkins that is another love bestseller about the The Feeling of Being in Love. Dolores, or simply Lola, is a very talented young designer who experiences the thrills of first love. The boy of his dreams is Cricket Bell whose grand-grandfather is the inventor of telephone – Alexander Graham Bell.  Like his ancestor, the young boy is an inventor as well but unfortunately, he lives in the shadow of his twin sister – Calliope. When the Bells leave the neighbourhood, Lola is broken-hearted and starts a relationship with a rocker and musician. She is too naïve to think that he is in love with her. And everything is revealed upon the return of the Bells after a long absence. And then …. Arguments and blames, impulsive acts and clouds of confusing emotions accompany Lola during her journey to her first love, to the sweet cherry (as Dolores’ mother calls it), i.e. to Cricket. There is no sense to go on because you already know the end of the fairy-tale …. Yes, exactly…. Cricket shakes the sky and pulls down the stars to her beloved Lola. 🙂


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