Created from One Rib

148 Created from One RibImagine being in the Garden of Eden. What will you find out there? Of course, you will stumble upon plants, forbidden fruit and animals. Roaming in this paradise you will meet a human being fashioned from dust. HE will be superior and will have dominion over the surrounding world. Do you think this creature will be lonely? Nope 🙂 … Because everybody needs a companion in life and he needs his. He can’t live without a loving and caring, gentle and nice person like her. Although SHE is created later from his rib and although SHE seduces him and is the reason for their falling into sin, she is inseparable part of his life.

I believe you got the main point. Yessss …. Exactly …. She is called a woman, mammawife, girlfriendlover  and so on, and so forth. She changes her name and home. She leaves her family moves in with him in order to build a home with him. She gets pregnant from him and pregnancy changes her body and she gets fat. She almost gives up in the labour room due to the unbearable pain of child birth. And finally, even the kids she delivers bear his name. Even though she has various names and various roles,  SHE is a ………………………… 🙂

Wonderful mother Outstanding friend Marvellous daughter Adorable sister Nicest gift to men from God

So, ladies, be proud of being Eve’s successors  as being a woman is priceless. 🙂 And you, AdamS, appreciate the women in your lives always because it is not easy to be a woman nowadays. 😉

Rock the world, ladies, and a salute for the International Women’s Day to all of you.

Una mimosa bellissima per voi 🙂


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