145 BohemiansThe post is going to treat neither the topic of the Czech historic region of Bohemia nor La Bohème (the famous 4-act opera by Gigiacomo Puccini). It is not related to Queen’s song Bohemian Rhapsody either. I might say this short article would be of interest to all those wanderers and adventurers who enjoy unconventional lifestyle and want to grab the utmost of fun and joy through free love and other adult entertainment. We often call them people of life or simply bohemians. And of course, these people have their own preferred places on the Old Continent, in the New World and Australia. And which are these places exactly?  

Sydney (New South Wales, Australia) has its Kings Cross (or often nicknamed simply as The Cross). It started as one of the most prestigious and luxurious quarters of Sydney in the 19th century. At beginning of the 20th century the quarter became famous for its dancing saloons, illegal distribution of alcohol and bohemian atmosphere. After the WWII the same region got abased and turned into a “haunt of drunks”. Ambitious entrepreneurs changed its vision very quickly and nowadays it’s one of the Sydney regions where the prices of real estate are really extremely high. On the other hand, now the inner-city has the reputation of a light-light district and paradise of entertainment. A common phenomenon there is the presence of girls with free behaviour and people with a different sexual orientation. It is the Australian capital of gay-and-lesbian societies. It is also the birth place of Sydney Mardi Gras parade. Recapped, Kings Cross offers a bohemian atmosphere and various amusements with its gambling casinos, restaurants night strip clubs to a multinational blend of painters, musicians, poets, influential celebrities as well as ordinary tourists and locals, families (with baby-carriages) and couples of all ages.

The Old Continent is also proud of having such a bohemian and red-light district. Rosse Buurt (Amsterdam, the Netherlands). The region, actually, consists of three areas (De Wallen, Singelgebied and Ruysdaelkad). Because here the focus is on the oldest profession, tourists stumble upon lots of museums, shows and theatres related to it. Apart from them, there are also other museums (like that of cannabis) and coffee shops selling cakes with substances.

Surely, the most famous resort city that is internally recognized is Las Vegas (Nevada, USA). It is especially known for gambling and nightlife, shopping and fine dining. The city, coincidentally, is very tolerant to any forms of adult amusement activities and that’s why it’s often nicknamed as the Sin City. Numerous movies, shows, TV programmes, performances and music videos have been shot there. Finally, there is no doubt all of you have heard about the luxurious Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. The design of the hotel has been inspired by original Venice itself and lots of its amazing landmarks (including La piazza di San Marco and the Columns of the Venetian Lion and that of San Thoedore and of course, St. Mark’s Campanile and the Rialto Bridge) have been artificially recreated and built there. Thus nowadays one can take a gondola ride (but the gondola is motorized) beyond the ocean.


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