Live Colourfully

141 Live ColourfullyI am a “colourful girl” which means I love colours. I never restrict myself to one colour only when I dress, wear jewelry or choose presents for family and friends. It’s because Colours Speak and bring symbols and much joy to our lives. That’s why I love it when I am in a city and its surroundings are bright and shiny, eye-catching and colourfully painted. And yesss….I wish I could live one day on islands and in cities or villages (or at least visit them) like Procida, Chefchaouen or Nubia.

The Island of Procida is one of the islands in Southern Italy and the smallest one in the Gulf of Naples. It has a tiny satellite islet named Vivara which is linked to through a bridge. Procida will attract you with its harbourside homes colourfully painted in the typical Mediterranean pastel colours. When reaching the island by sea, you will enjoy picturesque views like vivid paintings drawn by cunning artists as well as La Terra Murata Hill (the highest point there) and Corricella will enchant you to the max. The latter were small fishing settlements and villages from Medieval times in which the history of Procida started. Stepping on the island, its piazzas will grab you in their warm hug while the pastel colours – blue, yellow, red, etc., will give you a Mediterranean feeling.

You will feel almost the same if you travel South to Africa. Colurful villages stretch along the Nile in the region of Nubia, in Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan. These quiet Nubian villages possess very simple homes from mud and bricks whose walls and oversized gates are brightly painted and have various interesting geometric and hieroglyphic patterns, figures and flowers. All these shiny colours are in total contrast with the dessert colouring and the green tone of the Nile River. As for the houses themselves, they are spacious enough to accommodate the extended families of the locals. They have several rooms and an open air courtyard in which enormous trees will give you a shelter from the searing sun while drinking a cup of tea as a guest of the hospitable Nubians.

And … If your favourite colour is blue, surely, you will take an instant liking to the city of Chefchaouen in northwest Morocco. The hill town (also locally known as Chaouen) is famous for its buildings painted in the various silhouettes and shades of blue. You might ask yourselves why this city has been entirely painted blue. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, this choice is less aesthetic than practical. What I mean is that the blue colour is the strongest “weapon” against mosquitoes and other various winged pests residing in these mountainous parts of Morocco. Specifically, it repels them and this way locals ward off all these insects which otherwise would bring much harm. The second reason relates to the Jewish heritage of Chefchaouen. So, you fans of blue, put the city on your bucket lists and be prepared to be welcome to this blue paradise with some blue paint splattered on you by naughty local kids working around.


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