Go to Tuscany, Start a New Life

140 Go to Tuscany, Start a New LifeHer life is no fun. She is overworked. She has a daughter-teenager (Olivia) and a mother (Sofia-Maria) who is worried about her … She is Gemma Jericho whose new life starts during one “Summer in Tuscany”. This is in brief the plot of Elizabeth Adler’s novel in which things happen nowhere else but in the heart of Italy.  

Gemma’s Nonna (her Mom) receives a mysterious letter in which she is mentioned as an heir of old Villa Piacere cuddled among the hills of Bella Toscana. The village is too tiny and one falls in love with it at first sight. Villagers are good-hearted just like Nonna whose roots are from there. The sceneries are splendid and enchanting. And all this predisposes the main character to start a new life.

Actually, the seeds of this new beginning are sown in Rome where the three ladies meet the handsome painter called Ben Raphael, they grow in Tuscany and then they flourish on the Amalfi coast. Maybe this guy or maybe Italy itself is the reason for the great change that occurs in Gemma’s life. Her outlook changes and she feels reborn. Moreover, she re-discovers strong and passionate love.

And you yourselves might predict the happy ending of book. Right? Exactly … One mysterious letter brings much joy and happiness to the lives of these three ladies ….  Nonna comes back to her root sand gets married to an old friend of hers. Gemma overcomes her guilt in love and makes a new family with Ben.  And their tense life in New York is left for the sake of the quietness and beauty of Tuscany.


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