24 Hours

135_24 HoursWhat could a man do in a small French café? He might have a look at the newspaper or read a book. He might sit and drink a cup of coffee. Or …. his lady could sit right at the back and smile at him. And just one smile would make him fall in love with her at first sight. Yesssssss ……. 🙂

Being almost powerless of the fact that the amazingly good-looking young lady isn’t alone, Henri Bonnard prays something to happen, And it does happen…. Why passing by him she winks at him and drops a small sheet of paper with her name and phone number written on it.  “The Woman of My Dreams” is already alive. She is not only a mirage but a reality. She is not a lost cause but a potential future which might come only in 24 hours.

And from that point Henri’s bitter-sweet hardships commence. He goes to a public park to give his lady a call but a naughty bird “spews happiness” over him by deleting the last digit of the phone number. Now Henri has one incomplete number plus 10 options to find out his Valérie Castel. And he doesn’t give up. He enters the world of 10 different people by phoning them while seeking the lady of his dreams. After numerous funny and comic situations finally he really finds her and destiny brings them together.

So, ladies, if you wanna read a modern fairy tale about love, this is your book. I can assure you will have much fun reading about Henri’s delightful complications and misunderstandings recounted with so much wit and humour by Nicolas Barreau.


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