The One and Only

132 The One and OnlyFrom the factory of dreams to a small French restaurant …. This is somehow a graceful passing to “The Ingredients of Love” – another marvelous novel by Nicolas Barreau about the world of women and thrills of love. This time the main characters are Aurélie Bredin and André Chabanais.

She is a cook and owner of a small French restaurant in Rue Princesse in the City of Love who is recently left by her boyfriend. She is disappointed and confused in this period of time because it turns out he lied to her for quite a long time and never told her about his other girlfriend who is pregnant from him. Hmm … a classical situation in the genre …. But every time there is something which helps women survive and this very thing is the book “Smiles of Women” by phantom author Robert Miller. He is supposed to be an English novelist whose book touches beautiful Aurélie deeply and she becomes his greatest fan. Her passion for his book and her determination to meet this ghost novelist lead her to young and handsome André – a prospective and successful editor and reviewer at a French publishing house.

Both of them are very romantic. She is a gentle soul that captures his heart at first sight. Her letter to Robert Miller attracts him greatly and makes him fall in love with her. He pretends to be a tough guy but actually, he is a loveable and sensitive person. His strong feelings for her are the reason why he hides the truth from her that he is the real of the book and Robert Miller doesn’t exist. After too many obstacles interlaced with funny situations and happenings, a reader definitely knows the ending of the book as it’s quite predictable – these two young romantic people remain together owing to  André’s second book in which he reveals his life, his love for her and the reason for which he lied to her.

So, ladies, smile and avail of this ingredient of love to the max at the happiest moments as well as you are down since you never know whether your prince looks at you through the window and gets inspired by your smile at that very moment. 🙂


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