Ho voglia di te tre metri sopra il cielo

129  Ho voglia di te tre metri sopra il cieloLast year I had a very brief post on one marvellous book by Federico Moccia. Now I will be brief again because the title of the sequel book is quite enough and clear. So …

He is again Step who comes back from New York after a two-year absence. During this period of time he was running away from his past, the physical loss of his best friend and the breaking of the tight spiritual bond with his mother. But above all Step wanted to forget and even delete the memories of his girl –Babi, with whom he had been Three Metres Above the Heaven” (Tre metri sopra il cielo).  

Now he is back to Rome. Upon his arrival he finds out that nothing is like before. His old friends are not there. His old love is not as the one he had for Babi in the past. His mother is seriously ill and he loses her for the second time and this time forever. But despite all these unexpected things that occur, there is one creature that makes him start believe in love again. Actually, is it because of Ginevra herself or is it because of the padlock hung by Step on il Ponte Milvio in Rome that drives him to write down “I Want You” (Ho voglia di te) on the wall in public ….?


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