I Wish You a Nutcracker Christmas

127 I Wish You a Nutcracker Christmas_1It’s Christmas and we are together with our families and beloved ones. It’s the time when we feel the magic of that splendid Christian holiday when we make a wish and it comes true, and when warmth and love are everywhere around us. And at that very moment let me tell you one really magical, Christmas fairy-tale, that of the Nutcracker, which will bring you to the wonderful ballet world full of dreams and hopes, love and humanity.    

Probably, most of you have watched the marvelous 2-act ballet whose original story was written by E.T.A. Hoffmann in 1816 and the music was composed by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1892. It is absolutely one of the most popular ballets in the world.

Here we go … 🙂

The action takes place at the Stahlbaums’ house at Christmas Eve when the family has guests and the festive atmosphere is spread out everywhere. All of a sudden a strangely dressed guest arrives whose appearance frightens Calra’s brother Fritz but not her. She knows exactly who he is – the Godfather Drosselmeyer, the toymaker. Soon after his surprise arrival he is warmly accepted and the Christmas party goes on even more festively.

Well, the celebration is interrupted again when the mysterious guy reveals the presents and gifts he has brought for the kids. All of the children are happy when they get their china dolls, bugles and drums. But Clara is the happiest of all since she gets the best present, i.e. the Nutcracker. Unfortunately, his brother grows jealous, takes it from her hands, starts a game of toss with the other boys and soon the Nutcracker gets broken. The little girl is sad and upset and that’s why Drosselmeyer tries to fix it with a handkerchief and puts it under the Christmas tree.

After a little while everybody gets tired and retires to bed. Clara is also sleepy but before going to bed she casts a glance at the Nutcracker for one last time.

 Then … then at the stroke of midnight something happens. Clara wakes up and sees the Christmas tree and all of its toys get bigger and bigger and come to life while she seems to be shrinking. A whole army of mice dressed in uniforms and led by the Mouse King appear out of nowhere. The Nutcracker starts struggling with that army but, unfortunately, he is trapped in the corner by the King. Clara desperately tries to protect her Nutcracker and hits the King with her slipper. The Nutcracker manages to overcome the enemy and soon claims victory. Thus the mouse army together with its leader and King escape swiftly.

After the victory it’s turn of the magic. Clara and her Nutcracker are in a magical sleigh that floats higher and higher. Suddenly the Nutcracker is restored to his real self – Drosselmeyer’s handsome nephew Hans-Peter, who was transformed into an ugly nutcracker doll by the wicked Mouse Queen that cast a spell on him as a revenge some time back.

And now the most beautiful scenes come. While they are driving through the snowy forest, snowflakes are turning into maidens. After a long journey they reach the Kingdom of Sweets that is a fairy-tale sweet land filled with whipped cream mountains, sweetly glazed flowers and buttercream frosting.

Clara and the Prince are greeted by the Sugar plum Fairy and her Prince. The Fairy is impressed with Clara’s bravery when Hans-Peter recounts to her his great adventure and how Clara saved his life.

They join the great entertainment at the Candy Castle during which five hot coco and chocolate couples dance Spanish-style flamenco under the rhythm of trumpets and castanets. Some women of coffee move their bodies covered in veils following the rhythm of an Arabian song while Mandarin tea dances exotically to an Asian flute chorus. In the end, the Russian dolls, the so called Matroishkas, play the dance of Russian Trepak.

After having returned to reality, Clara rushes into the street in search of Drosselmeyer and she comes across a lad, very familiar to her. In his workshop Drosselmeyer’s prays that his efforts will be rewarded. And, yes, indeed, Clara’s beloved Hans-Peter returns home and the spell has been broken. An all this happens on Christmas which is the most magical period of the year. And you? Did you grab the magic, too?

🙂  I wish you a Nutcracker Christmas 🙂


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