I, Myself and a Turkey

124 I, Myself and a TurkeyI have never been a cook and I am the greatest disaster in the kitchen. I am of the opinion that supermarkets can always solve my problem as well as they can compensate any lack of any desire to cook. And why should I bother about this in case a general notion is that men are better cooks than the fair sex. 😀 But most probably the recipe I came across some time ago will change my perceptions and I will start making wonders in the kitchen. And here is the recipe for a turkey that might make me try to cook.

T  H  E     R  E  C  I  P  E  ….. ta-ta-taaaa 😀 

<> First buy a turkey (not big, not small).

<> Have a glass of red wine. (Hmmm ..… Why not Nero d’Avola?!).

<> Stuff the turkey. (Yeap … It’s gonna be more tasty.)

<> And have another glass of wine. (Cheers 🙂 )

<> Put the turkey in oven. (You’re almost done.)

<> Relax and have a third glass of red wine. (A good idea and let the fun start nooow. 😀 )

<> Turk the bastey.

<> Wine of glass another get.

<> Hunt for meat thermometer.

<> Glass yourself another pour of wine.

<> Bake the wine for four hours.

<> Take the oven out of the turkey.

<> Tet the sable.

<> Grab another wottle of bine.

<> Turk the carvey!

Ave an appetite nice. 😉


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