Love, Food and …. Bruno

123 Love, Food and .... BrunoAh, these Italian men… 😉 They are delicate and charming, gentle and enchanting so that ladies fall in the trap of love immediately …. 😉 Especially when this attitude goes together with cooking …. 😉

One of these “magicians of love” (or I’d better say “sometimes magicians of flirting”) is young and fascinating Roman guy called Tommaso – the main character of “The Food of Love” by Antony Capella. This handsome guy captures Laura’s soul who is an American lady at the age of twenty-something. She is in Italy for the first time and she is fully in love with the beauty and the art and historic heritage of the country. After meeting Tommaso, she falls in love also with the culinary wonders of Italy deeper and deeper. And how does all this happen?

Tommaso cheats her a bit (or actually a lot 😀 ). He lies to her that he is a chef at one of the most refined restaurants in the Italian capital, i.e. at Templi. And, as a matter of fact, he is simply a waiter there. Step-by-step his lie grows bigger and bigger and all the time he’s helped by his friend and the real chef at the restaurant – Bruno. And why does Bruno do all this? Simply because he is the one who really has fallen in love with Laura but his shy nature doesn’t allow him to make a step ahead. The only way to be “with her” is to love her afar. He uses his immense talent in cooking and cooks for Tommaso who, in turn, pretends that he himself has created the masterpieces.

There is no doubt that finally their innocent (innocent?! .. 😉 ) lie is revealed but till that time comes, everything they do, creates classical amusing and even funny situations, pain in Bruno’s heart who has been Cupid’s victim, and all this is garnished with many culinary delights and sensual atmosphere typical only for Italy.

Ladies, enjoy the book as much as I did and may your Bruno pop up in your lives one day. 😉


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