May There be Coffeee

122 Let There be Coffee

The citizens of Sweden had a long-lasting dispute about coffee and tea. They wanted to know which of the two beverages was healthier. That’s why in 1771 they made their King Gustav III make an experiment and prove it scientifically. In turn the King put two twins to prison and sentenced the first one to drink a cup of coffee three times a day while the second twin had to consume three cups of tea a day. The years passed. The King died. All of those who were involved in the bizarre experiment died, too. But the two twins were still alive. The twin who had to drink tea lived to the age of 83 years while the second twin with the coffee lived to the ripe old age of over 100 years.

You got the main idea of the legend, didn’t you? Coffee is healthy and tasty. Moreover, drinking a cup of aromatic short espresso in the morning helps us open our eyes and greet the new day (and start working later, of course 😀 ). And for all this is guilty one goatherd named Kaldi from the Ethiopian highlands who is supposed to have discovered coffee or actually, not he but his goats. Every time after they ate berries from a certain tree they got very spirited and couldn’t fall asleep at night. Kaldi reported his discovery to the abbot of the nearby monastery. In turn the monk prepared a drink from these berries and proved their energizing effect. It was decided that this drink would be spread   out and step-by-step it reached the Arabian Peninsula and later in the 17th century the extremely dark black beverage came to Europe as well.

The “wine of Araby”, as it’s often called, coffee is inseparable part of our daily life. We drink it at home, on our way to work, at work, in cafes and locals. Different nations have their own way of consuming coffee but for sure, I always admire the Italian style although I still find it strange to drink my espresso or cappuccio upright at a bar in one or two minutes only. But I love it, indeed.

As to the varieties of coffee beans, there are plenty of them but the most well-known and widely-spread ones are Arabica and Robusta. There is a difference between them and it’s mainly in their taste. Arabica beans are with a sweeter and softer taste and the excellent acidity. Just on the opposite, Robusta beans are thought to be of inferior quality compared to Arabica ones because they have a harsher and stronger taste and contain twice as much caffeine as Arabica. And here I am going to mention one other type that is typical for the Island of Love – Bali. It is called Kopi luwak and is a type of coffee made of the seeds of coffee berries that have already been eaten and defecated by toddy cats.

Now I will leave you to wake up and have your doze of morning coffee and may your coffee be strong & hot and your Friday at work short. 🙂


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