Chest of Golden Coins

121 Chest of Golden CoinsThere aren’t sweeter stories than the word of mouth fairy-tales retold by our grandparents or the songs sung by them in a warm summer evening in the back yard of a village house. They are like golden coins that are left to future generations and most of them turn into family legends that are never forgotten. This is maybe the main of idea of Costas Montis who is one of the most famous Cypriot poets and authors and his novel “Afentis Batistas and the other things” is a true chest of treasures in the form of short family stories about Afentis Batistas, his Grandma, mother and father, brother and sisters.

His beloved Grandmother’s stories about Afentis Batistas were priceless and acquired much larger dimensions. They were stories told by the old lady and they were simple but intriguing, old but vivid. Thus the novel was created by great Costas Montis revealing lots of family stories whose main focus was on Batistas.

And who was he? Afentis Batistas was of Venetian origin. He was a successor of one of the many Venetians who crossed seas and brought the Republic of Venice in their hearts. He was not a mythical character but a real person although at a time his tracks got lost in the past somewhere in Cyprus. Despite the fact that the very first stories of the novel are “Batistas and Katingo”, “Batistas and the Intellectual”, “Batistas and his Cats” and “Batistas’Death”, the book is also a collection of stories, family memories and deeply hidden secrets mixed up with historic facts, all of them revealed to us in the most vivid and cheery way. 🙂


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