The Feeling of Being in Love

119 The Feeling of Being in LoveThe first thrills of true love … The first true kiss …. The feeling of being really in love for first time …. Do you remember all these things? 🙂 For sure, you do and certainly you keep the bright memories of these sweet moments when you had butterflies in your stomach and you were a bit crazier and more innocent.

This is the case of young and beautiful Anna who is the main character of “Anna and the French kiss” by Stephanie Perkins. She is an American young lady sent by her father in exile to a boarding school in the City of Love.

On her way to Paris she eagerly looks forward to the school year to elapse fast and she only wants to come back to her Atlanta where she has left a best friend of hers, a nice job as well as a crush (or actually, almost a crush). But things seem to change in another direction on the very first day there when she meets Etienne St. Clair. He is a handsome guy whose mother is American and his father is a Frenchman. He has spent time in London as well and that’s why his typically British accent attracts Anna at first sight. There is no doubt that he is also attracted by her and tries to spend much time with her and it’s obvious for all their friends in common.

But, as usual things are not that easy as he is taken. He is a guy who has been in a relationship with his steady girlfriend for quite a lot time. He doesn’t (and maybe he is afraid of giving up on) the comfort he has, especially at a moment when he gets to know his Mom is seriously ill. No matter what it’s more than apparent for anyone that Anna and St Claire were born for one another. They both go through hardships and they have really fantastic moments in the City of Love until the moment they become a couple, two loving youngsters illuminated by the lights of Paris and until Anna gets the French kiss she has always awaited.


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