Fine Arts On the Movie Stage

114 Fine Arts On the Movie StageWhen I was a freshman I worked in a small video club for one month only. As an employee there I was “forced” to watch more than eighty films of all genres during that too short period of time so that I could recommend them to our clients. In the end I simply got fed up with films and that’s the reason why I haven’t been such a movie nerd since then.

I don’t often go to the cinema and when I go to watch a movie I always choose it too precisely. I am not capricious, principally, but I want to watch something that is really worthy. Very often I do prefer a movie that is not so famous but really nice to Hollywood blockbusters. As a matter of fact, quite often I choose European cinematography which doesn’t mean that I avoid really meaningful US or other films.

By the way, nowadays there is a new “movie stream” (or at least it’s new to me). Circuses, ballets and operas are filmed and we can watch them on the big screen. It is something strange, indeed, but it’s really a good idea especially when it concerns opera and ballet that are supposed to be the most refined arts.

I am a supporter of these fine art performances on the big screen as going to the opera or ballet (and even to the theatre) requires a special dress code and today’s youngsters (and not only) could hardly put on a dress suit or a backless dress. Secondly, most of us prefer cinema and it’s a fact because it’s more popular and it’s always related to relax and amusement. For these and maybe other reasons we seldom go to the opera and ballet. Probably thus these filmed performances give us the chance to get acquainted with these arts and later they create our love for them step-by-step.

Or maybe I am wrong by saying all this?! Some of you will tell me: “It’s NOT possible to watch opera or ballet in jeans with popcorn and Coke in hands at the cinema. It’s unbelievable and unacceptable as you can’t grab the real feeling and can’t hear opera voices or watch ballet dances in real”.  Okay, guys, you win. You are absolutely right (especially about popcorn and coke :D) because when you are at  cinema you can neither applaud nor show your true feelings, you just sit and enjoy it but not to the max.

Although cinema and fine arts aren’t compatible at first sight The Royal Opera House has managed to find out and set the crossing point between them. I have in mind its initiative that started in 2013 and is related to famous operas and ballets (like “The Sicilian Vespers”/ “I vesepri siciliani” by Giuseppe Verdi and “The Nutcracker” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, for instance) that were shot during the live performances themselves. Afterwards they are staged on the big screen all over the world and each spectator gets a compliment (a small bottle of red or white wine plus some sweets) during the fine art movies. Sounds terrific, a? 🙂

Another successful attempt to popularize ballet art has been made by the Canadian Royal Winnipeg Ballet. This time its Moulin Rouge the Ballet is a perfect shot watched by more than 60 000 spectators in North America. I will mention only a few words about this amazing performance and will leave you to enjoy the short one-minute video. So, the soundtrack is compelling and it includes some of the most popular French songs. The ballet itself has an impressing choreography and tells a passionate story about love, ambitions and broken hearts.

And finally, to end up the topic, I will only recommend you to watch Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away – the 1212 movie-circus blockbuster of the awesome Cirque du Soleil (or Circus of the Sun). I cannot describe it in words as it is simply fabulous and is a must see. It is a movie but at the same time one watches the best parts of the different circus performances on the big screen while the movie tells about the love story of two young people in love. The trailer is here. Enjoy it. 🙂


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