The Factory of Dreams

Basic RGBIt’s a small cinema somewhere in Paris called “Paradiso” after an Italian movie. Its owner is young Alain Bonnard who gives up on his nice job and dedicates himself to that tiny cinema with an extremely intimate and romantic atmosphere. So are the movies he chooses every Wednesday – intriguing and valuable. His small factory of dreams gathers people with gentle souls, strangers with their sweet-bitter stories and young beautiful woman Mélanie – the lady in the red coat.

She is quite ordinary to Alain who is greatly attracted by her. He starts a conversion with her one Wednesday evening. After the movie ends they continue the magic of the film under the lights of Paris. The night that they spend together seems to be really like the best romance ever – two people in love hugging and kissing one another under the stars on an illuminated Paris bridge. So far so good. But who says love is an easy thing? Just on the opposite. It’s accompanied by thousands of obstacles that Alain will face after Mélanie’s sudden disappearance.

He looks for her everywhere. He’s forced to ring the bell of all of her neighbours in the building where he thinks she lives in. He is filled up with hope when his business partner turns out to have a daughter named Mélanie. Unfortunately, his dreams get ruined when he realizes she’s not his girl. And thus day after day he makes attempts to find the lady in the red coat and to understand why she’s run away from him. The reason for her escape is rather simple – Mélanie’s sister and rival who stole her boyfriend many, many years ago, i.e. the past comes back to Mélanie again and all that happens in “Paradiso”.

If you’ve already been to the City of Love don’t miss the chance to come back again or feel the love by reading “One Night in Paris” by Nicolas Barreau.


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