To give up driving for the sake of scenery

104 To give up driving for the sake of sceneryThere’re several things which women aren’t compatible with, hi techs and cars being top-listed. Yes, exactly. Hi technologies, PCs and laptops in particular, aren’t thought to be our strong point. As far as cars and driving are concerned, well, we are always criticized about our driving skills, especially when it comes to parking. By the way, we are much more careful and attentive drivers compared to the opposite gender although a coomon notion is that a woman behind the steering wheel is a potential danger on the road. A sheer nonsense… 😀

Anyway …. Being a passenger is quite exciting, too, especially when a drive is too long. It’s because one’s attention is not focused on the road and on speedy and crazy drivers. One can freely gape outside and enjoy changing views and landscapes. And it’s even better when a road goes in parallel with a sea or ocean or follows the curves of a mountain from where birds’ eye views are really enjoyable, amazing and breathtaking. Have you already imagined it? If you have, off we goooo … 😉

There is one particular road in Australia which is a must tourist attraction for many reasons. Of course, I have in mind the Great Ocean Road which is a 243-kilomtre road war memorial (the largest in the world) dedicated to all those who died in World War I, their names having been carved in the rocks. The winding road itself was built by returned servicemen and soldiers in the period between 1919-1932. The route travels via various terrains offering from ocean and mountain to river and fern gully scenery competing another famous mountain pass in Australia, namely Bulli Pass.

Moving to Europe, definitely, I must mention that the French Riviera is the most romantic route ever. Better known as Côte d’Azur, it lies on the French coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Surely, it’s always associated with the glamour of St. Tropez, Monaco, Cannes (and the Film Festival), Nice and Marseille but there’s no doubt that there are plenty of other towns, tiny settlements and villages such as Gorges du Loup and Gourdon, Eze and Grasse, or Biot and Vallauris. The amazing Mediterranean landscapes are always a source of inspiration making one forget about the crowded mess along the road in summer months.

As to the New Word, it does have its pride in the face of two glamorous thoroughfares. Ocean Driver is really the most famous street, Atlantic Ocean promenade and road in South Beach (in Miami Beach). Surely, everybody has seen pictures of the neo-lighted and colourful Art Deco buildings at Ocean Drive and the Ocean-Drive sign is particularly distinctive. It’s about 1,5km long and is dotted by hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc., where it’s quite possible to catch a celebrity. Gosh! 🙂 And the second one is San Francisco Road which consists of eight hairpin corners. Lombard Street, as it’s also known, is steep and it’s famous for being the crookedest labyrinth of sharp turns in the world.

In conclusion, I might only say that I would gladly give up driving for the sake of enjoying such awesome views, breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable scenery on the road. And you? 🙂


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