The Ghosts From the Past

103 The Ghosts From the Past_1Seemingly, Lainey Hollingsworth has a perfect life. She’s happily married to a notorious writer. They have two children and she gets well with her stepson who blames her for having ruined his and her mother’s lives. Her adoptive father has loved her and has taken care of her all his life. Now it’s her turn to show her greatest love for him at the moment when he needs the most. The only serious problem is that Lainey has never been in a volatile relationship with her Mom (Alessandra) who has never told her anything about her biological father and about the reasons why Alessandra dared to leave for England immediately after having given a birth to her. This long-term not revealed secret forces the main character to take a journey to Il Bel Paese in order to find the truth.

Unfortunately, other secrets are revealed along with “The Italian Affair” and at that very moment life surprises Lainey unpleasantly. Susan Lewis (the author of the book) has managed to interlace all of them extremely skillfully so that a reader would want to read more and more until she/he finishes the last page of the narrative.

The plot “runs out” of England and “lands” in Lainey’s mother homeland – Bella Toscana (Italy). There she’s about to find the truth. At first, all natives’ stories make Lainey believe she was born as a result of incest between her mother and a man who is suspected in having been Alessandra’s biological father. Step by step the whole picture changes and that brutal belief of hers turns to be false. Unfortunately, the real truth is not pleasant either and now Lainey understands why her mother didn’t ever want to let out that secret to her.

103 The Ghosts From the Past_2At the same time it turns out that her beloved Tom has an extramarital daughter about whom he himself gets to know after so many years. Thus the ghosts from the past catch Lainey in a tight trap and she is on the threshold of making hard decisions. On top of it, this the moment when her own rebellious daughter lives out her teenage years making mistakes.

Well, the book has almost a happy ending. And if you’re a fan of such types of narratives, this book is quite okay for you and is worth reading ir. 🙂


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