When Past Knocks on the Door

096 When Past Knocks on the DoorShe is Gina (Eugene) and her life starts when she’s too young. She is a prosperous model when she’s in her 20s. Moreover, she is lucky enough to be in love with a young and handsome pilot with whom she has a passionate love affair. Their life is in the bright range of colours because they are highly dedicated to one another. They use every minute to be together, travel the world and meet in various exotic places. Unfortunately, any story has an end in order for another one to begin.

Gina gives a birth to their child who lives only three days and that deeply hidden secret is revealed unexpectedly. And namely his daughter, Sasha, is responsible for their meeting after so many years. The lonely teenager is at summer school in Rome when she gets messed up with a refugee and finds herself in Eugene’s adopted apartment in the Eternal City. It turns out that the guy is one of Gina’s models and she herself has given up modelling and has become a fine art nude photographer. The puzzle elements of her life come up one after another until one day Gina meets her greatest love  (Sasha’s father) again and tells him about their dead son.

So, what’s the conclusion of such love stories? One can go back to and remember their past touchy and inspirational romance even after many years and this can be the basis for them to realize the true meaning of life and true values. And last but not least, destiny always knows how and when to knock on one’s door and wake up past mementos and reveal deeply hidden secrets….always.

P.S.: By the way, the book is “The Apartment in Rome” by Penny Feeny. 🙂


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