The Two Oil Drops

093 The Two Oil DropsA wealthy man sent his son to the greatest wise-man so that the man with the special abilities to let the lad into the secret of happiness.

 After a long journey, the young boy finally arrived. He was greatly surprised to see that the wise-man lived in a huge and opulent palace. He stepped into it and there … there he found numerous halls and a garden full of rejoicing people, musicians, magicians and dancers. The wise-man was sitting in the centre of one of the halls and was talking with his visitors.

The lad approached him and explained to him why he had arrived. The wise-man said:

“Right now I’m busy. Let’s do the following. Use your time and go around the palace. But there’s one thing you must do. I’ll answer your question only if you go around the palace with this spoon in hand (and he gave it to him). But be very careful with it as there’re two oil drops in it and you mustn’t spill them.”

 The lad walked around the palace and after 3 hours he returned to the wise-man. He was bringing the spoon and the two drops were there. The wise-man asked him:

“Soooo … Did you see my Persian carpet? And what about my enormous garden? My gardeners worked in it for 10 years in order to create it. Did you see the beautiful paintings and statues?”

“Actually, I didn’t. My attention was focused on the two oil drops”, replied the young boy.

“Hmm … Well, then, take a second tour around the palace”, the wise-man ordered. “But this time cast a glance at everything, at every detail. Enjoy yourself.”

 The young man started but this time he did indulge in seeing everything and feeling the atmosphere. But when he came back to the wise-man he was horrified to see that he had spilled the oil drops from the spoon.

“Did you get it?”, the wise-man asked him. “This is the essence of happiness – to be able both to enjoy the beauty of life and the world around you and not to forget about the two oil drops in the spoon.”


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