Find Your Island

090 Find Your IslandEveryone of us has had unsuccessful love stories ending with a break-up. There is a period of time when Love Hurts, the pain is a bit great and the lack of illusions is our companion. But time heals and erases any of these bad memories, especially when we find out somebody or something that makes us live again and enjoy life.

I’m not a pessimist at all. Don’t get me wrong. Just on the opposite, I am always cheerful and look for happiness in small things. And now I am wondering why I started this post in such a little bit pessimistic way … maybe because I am still under the magic of “Falling in Honey” by Jennifer Barclay. The book is lovely, indeed, especially in its part about Tilos which is a tiny paradise, member of the Hellenic Dodecanese island group in the southeast Aegean Sea.

The tiny island is only 8 miles long and some miles wide. It is close to Rhodes and is not still impacted and even devastated by mass tourism. Its towns and villages consist of labyrinths of small, winding aisles and pretty houses with painted balconies. Its nature is still virgin while its wildlife – quite diverse. The lonely hills are dotted by small chapels which amaze with their beauty and grace. As it’s an island, the main charm of Tilos is in its small gulfs with red-sand beaches and crystal blue, aquamarine sea water with a great diversity of fish species. And of course, we shouldn’t miss to mention the islanders who are about 300-500 in number depending on the season (most probably goats and bees on Tilos are many more than the locals themselves) but they are quite good-hearted and lovely, hospitable and charming people.

And this is exactly the place where the main character recovers from her first break-up and after some months spent there she returns to England like reborn. Her passion for Hellas since childhood helps her see the bright side of life again and restart her happy well-being. Her sweet-bitter second relationship is another experience for her and after its end she finds out peace and recovery again in the hug of the island of Tilos, its nature and locals.

Well, I have to admit the book ends unexpectedly. Or, actually, it has no ending. There’s simply one reference to the author’s blog. Well, I have already visited it but unfortunately, I’ve not found any ending at all (my negligence maybe). All this makes me think about two things, or actually, two messages left by the the author.

Firstly, we should leave our book of happiness open without any endings so that we can really enjoy every moment of life. And secondly, we should find out and reach our island one day but while we’re looking for it we should aim at getting the most from life, adventures and love. 🙂


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