Women Are Witches

088 Women are WitchesAs I once wrote about witches, there is a stereotype image depicting them as big, old ladies, ugly and even nasty. Very often they were of gypsy origin who wandered here and there in the world or those who lead a settled way of life, lived in poor complexes and houses in towns. They were badly dressed, in shabby clothes depicting their lifestyle. Of course, we all know that these ladies of white and black spells prepared various conctions and poisons in special pots called caccabus with which they removed spells and they could tell the future and what one had to expect.Hmm, yes …. You will say it’s not possible that witches exist in books only and so on, and you will be greatly mistaken. They do exist and are five in number in “Happiness is a Cup of Tea with You” by Mamen Sánchez. Their magical decoction isn’t Earl Grey tea but a hot tea beverage provided by an old lady from Andalucía that throws the main characters under the love-and-happiness spell. Or, actually, love itself is the magical power that changes their lives and destiny and brings them the happiness they want. And they are Berta, Soleá, Gaby, Asunción and Maria.

Beautiful Soleá is the brain of their secret conspiracy aiming at the rescuing of Librarte, part of the well-recognized English publisher Craftsman & Co. Her blue eyes, black hair and golden skin seduce the young son, Atticus Craftsman, who falls in love with her at first sight while her intriguing plan changes his life entirely. The moderate young Englishman throws out his conservativeness and grabs the life of a gypsy – with a guitar in hands and passion in his heart somewhere there in Andalucía.

His kidnapping by the five desperate ladies and their witch plan is one of the main storylines of the book that is cunningly mixed up with the other ones – Maria’s adultery and thefts from Librarte forced by her lover, Gaby’s strong wish to get pregnant from her husband, Asunción’s unhappy life and Berta’s discovery of love in the face of Inspector Manchego. And all these interrelated ongoings and events turn around Federico García Lorca and his long-lost poems which are at the bottom of Soleá’s lie to Atticus. In the end the book turns upside down and the truth is revealed, the truth not about Lorca but about Hemingway (Soleá’s grand grandfather 😉 ) and his unpublished works. And all these discoveries and findings are in the name of love and all of the characters are under the spell of happiness. 🙂


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