While the Sun is Going to Sleep …

086 While the Sun is Going to Sleep ..…..  romance begins. She and he sit on a beach near the sea or ocean or on the bank of a river. He hugs and kisses her gently. Waves and sand caress their bodies. The breeze whispers to them tenderly. And the memory of that moment remains in eternity. 🙂 It’s not only a scene from a movie but it could turn into reality if we live for the moment and enjoy every minute of our lives enjoying the beauty of sunsets.

Such great “sunset” happiness could be felt everywhere but especially on the island of Santorini. The island town of Oia whose name is pronounced [‘i.a], is famous for being the place of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. And there is no doubt about this. The view is amazingly spectacular at sharp 7.30 when the Sun makes its choice to have a night sleep under the dark water “blanket” of the Aegean Sea. Despite the crowds of people gathered there, the wow effect is even stronger if you choose a pretty nice taverna with a sea view, with a glass of distinctive, local wine from Santorini while you see the Sun go down and down and disappear into the sea water.

Awe-inspiring sunset views are worth seeing even on the Australian Sunset Beach near the “big water”.  There is nothing more beautiful than seeing how the Sun dives its burning face into the silver glass of the Indian Ocean. Lead turns into gold and the Sun lights up the horizon with a surreal green fire that illuminates the white sand beach and then …. and then the Sun simply vanishes from the horizon.

And what would you say to celebrate the sunset “feast” of the Sun at the end August somewhere there along the Danube? Then you might enjoy a real pleasure as an attendee of the Holidays of the Danube Fire near the Bulgarian town of Tutrakan where the Sun runs along the river until it reaches its eastern curve and suddenly goes deeper and deeper leaving a breathtaking sunset view at the second longest European river.

As we say, this is the “jewel in the crown” – to say Goodnight to the Sun in the most romantic town in the world. Imagine being in a gondola with your beloved one while it’s sailing along the Grand Canal. You are surrounded by the glorious history of the Venetian Republic at the very moment when the last sparkling reflections of the Sun go here and there passing by il Leone di Venezia covering the silhouettes on Piazza San Marco. And all this is accompanied by the Neapolitan “O Sole mio”.

When the night comes and the sun has gone down, I almost start feeling melancholy. I’d stay below your window, When night comes and the sun has gone down.

Un bacio grande grande e un abbraccio forte forte a tutti voi 😉


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