Bridge Your Dream

086 Bridge Your DreamBridges date back to ancient times. There’s a great number of bridges that have been preserved up to now, still being emblematic and gorgeous. That’s why there is no sense to give you examples. Instead, I’m gonna focus your attention on three of the world’s most famous and appealing bridges that are still symbols of someone’s dreams. They’re located on three continents and are too catchy especially at night when they are colourfully lighted up. And here they are.

The Old Continent is proud of the Rio-Antirrio Bridge. To be more specific, it’s one of the thousands of sites of interest and pride of Hellas. The official name’s Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge after the Prime Mister of Greece of the 19th century whose idea and dream was to build a bridge linking the two towns – Rio and Antirrio, across the Gulf of Corinth. Unfortunately, this project was too expensive for the country at that time and because of that the road link between Peloponnese and mainland Hellas was postponed for the next century when Charilaos Trikoupis’s dream came true in August 2004. Nowadays the bridge near the town of Patras holds the record for the longest multi-span bridge in the world (another longer bridge is being built in Japan). It’s 2880 metres long and has 4 pylons that are between 189-229 metres high above the water (depending on the tower, i.e. the pylon) and reach 160 metres under water level. The distance between the two middle pylons of the S-shaped bridge is the longest – 560 metres. Apart from the statistics, the bridge is additionally illuminated in blue or sometimes in blue-yellow at night and is “decorated” with two Venetian fortresses at its both ends. They give the other name of the bridge, i.e. Rio-Antirrio.  They both were built by the Venetians and the Rio Fortress has still been known as a Venetian one while the other one was reconstructed by an Ottoman architect and that’s why the Antirrio Fortress has also been known as Rumeli or “The Turkish Fortress”.

One of the many symbols of the American Dream is the Golden Gate Bridge that is, surely, one of the most photographed bridges in the world. It spans over the Golden Gate Strait and links San Francisco to Marin County and is the most recognized emblem of the city. The bridge was built at the beginning of last century and today it’s the second largest bridge in the USA after Verazzano-Narrows Bridge located in NYC. Its length is 1300 metres and the height of its towers reaches 227 metres.

There’s no doubt that the iconic emblem of Sydney (and Australia as a whole) is a post card or a photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the nearby Sydney Opera House. Do you agree with me? Of course, these two huge constructions, deed of the mankind, represent the city to the world and create its image. The Sydneysiders and the Australians are proud of the bridge as it’s the tallest steel one-arch bridge in the world (134 metres from the top to water level). Its one-arch design resembles an old-fashioned coathanger and that’s why locals nickname it lovingly as “The Coathanger”. Nowadays ”The Bridge” links Sydney CBD to the North Shore and is again the dream of the New World, i.e. of “terra australis incognita”.


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