A Big Thank YOU

083 A Big Thank YOUI have read three biography books of celebrities and I have found them really interesting. Well, my intention isn’t to spread gossips or criticize these people. I don’t wanna interfere in their private lives either. I simply want to show my great and deep admiration regarding their success stories, their talent and unique genius because they deserve all this. And why? Because they have walked through hard moments, obstacles and hardships in order to gain their fame especially due to their skills, hard work and passion for what they do. So, a Big Thank YOU to all of you, guys. You’ve contributed much to the development of the world of entertainment and music as well as fashion.

Sooo …. Whom do I have in mind?

The fairy-tale of the family starts in Reggio Calabria (Southern Italy) which is the place of birth of the two brothers and their little sister. The Versace weren’t rich but their mother’s talent of a dress-maker in the small town was the basis they stepped on. They were raised in the world of design but Gianni was the one who fully adopted the trade and became the driving force of the future fashion empire with his really creative genius. His greatest muse was always his little sister Donatella while their eldest brother Santo was the finance- and business core of the “House of Versace”. The author of the book (Deborah Ball) describes cunningly their path to success in the 80s and the middle of the 90s when the family’s extraordinary ambitions helped them to turn into top designers. They introduced top modelling to the world and shot models like Naomi Campbell to the highest international stardom. Gianni’s extravagant and colourful clothes conquered the world so that the designer left an unforgettable imprint even after his death in Miami Beach on July 15, 1997. After the 50-year old designer’s assassination by Andrew Cunanan, Versace Empire had some-year down period. This was the time when Donatella gained control over the company and it was when she could really step of out Gianni’s long shadow. Unfortunately, at that very moment they had to solve many other family-related issues with the designer’s partner Antoni D’Amico, inheritance matters connected with the new heir of the empire – Gianni’s favourite niece Allegra, Donatella’s drug habits as well as financial and other problems.

After 20 years on stage, the legendary Italian musician with a specific voice decided to tell his story in the middle of the last decade. He had always given interviews in which he hadn’t done his best. Sometimes people got a wrong image of his personality and that’s why the artist recounted his story to Luca Bianchini who followed Eros like a shadow for a short period of time. Thus “I Swear – Eros” was born.  The captivating narrative grabs with its simplicity but at the same time it tracks Eros Ramazzotti’s early life and career and most of all his great passion and love for music that’s in his veins.

Another bright representative of the entertainment and show business is the creator of Cirque du Soleil (Circus of the Sun). Guy Laliberté was born across the ocean, in Quebec City. He started his early career as a street fire-breather, part of a performing troupe that used to stage shows from town to town around Canada. Later in 1984 Guy became a co-founder of a circus that was the first circus formation internationally renowned. These were the first steps of Cirque du Soleil that was set up as a project of one year only in the beginning. Later on Laliberté’s talent and strong passion for what he had been doing turned out to be the driving force of the Cirucs of the Sun. He himself came up with that poetic name when he was in Hawaii. His idea was to use the word “sun” thus emphasizing on the “energy” and “youth” of his more than 20 everlasting shows in which circus arts are mixed up with street entertainment. Well, there is one book about “Guy Laliberte: The Fabulous Story of the Creator of Cirque du Soleil” by Ian Halperin which is not thought to be an official edition. I won’t comment on the book at all and you yourselves will decide whether to read it or not if you stumble on it one day.


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