Yabba dabba doo!

079 Yabba dabba doo!Fred Flintstone: [Holding a miniature model of houses the quarry plans to build] “I hate to bust your bubble, but if you build houses this small, who’s gonna live in them?”

Gery Giostone: I’m gonna live in them. 😀

Yeah, definitely, I would choose to live in a house that resembles and is similar to those from the Flintstones’ era. You would say they no longer exist and my desire is quite impossible. You would be totally wrong. In fact, there are three Southern European countries in which you might visit whole islands, vocation complexes and towns dotted by them.

Barney Rubble: ” You want to get in the game, you there?”…………. “Here you go! Shoot, shoot, shoot!”

The Bulgarian Bedrock vocation complex is located to the south-east close to our border with Hellas. It’s a 500-acre territory on which there are stone houses. In fact, it’s a stone town hidden between rocks and green forests and surrounded by meadows and two lakes. Omaya’s idyllic territory is home to seven houses made of stone, clay and wood. They really resemble the Flintstones and Rubbles’ dwellings with a luxury stone interior and green stone gardens and parks. And it’s only some hours’ drive from Sofia. Nice, a? So, you, Mr or Ms Stone, if you want to have some relaxing days in the eco centre, google it on the stonenet.

Ooooor …….. if you’re a fan of stone islands head to Thìra. The white-washed houses there are almost like Fred and Barney’s homes but all of them are in white and blue. They have been built directly and amphitheatrically into niches on the cliffs and are like cave houses with tiny, cobbled alleys between them. And the colours have been chosen intentionally in order to symbolize sea and waves, i.e. the Sky-blue-white (i.e. the Hellenic national flag). And there’re two more reasons for that. They are painted in white lime water because it keeps them cool during hot summers (whitewashing is carried out three times a year) and on the other hand, thus they look more aesthetic.

About 1500 similar whitewashed houses called trulli (trullo is the singular form) in an urban environment are to be found in the region of Puglia in Italy. They are spread out everywhere, even as sheds in olive groves. But there’s one particular town there that is famous for its trulli. It’s the 14th century town of Alberobello that is known as the capital of trulli. There is one very interesting fact (or maybe a legend) that dates back to the 18th century and it goes like this. A local landlord brought his peasants to the town. The workers had to work in the nearby woodland and to cultivate crops. But that guy wanted to fiddle the authorities in terms of taxes and he didn’t want Alberobello to be classified as a town (to be registered as an uninhabited settlement was the best solution for him). Unfortunately, the place was classified as a “town” and its residents had to live in these trulli that could be dismantled fast and easily when necessary.  And here are a few things about the trulli themselves. They are smartly whitewashed square dwellings built of local limestone without any mortar. Their dry-stone walls are very thick which both strengthens the construction and controls the internal temperature. The roofs are conical domes with a spire on the top. There are often painted symbols on the roof-cones. These emblems and signs have a religious or superstitious significance. As to the spires, they show the social status of their owners.

 Hmmmm …. In the end what can say after such a modern stone-age journey? ……..

“Waka-waka-woo! Waka-waka-woo! Wooga-wooga-wee! Wooga-wooga-wee! Piki-piki-piki! Poki-poki-poki! Ahhhhhhhh-oooh!”

Yabba-dabba-dabba-doo! 😀


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