Jewel Between Two Oceans

075 Jewel Between Two OceansThe Caribbean shore of Costa Rica was found by Christopher Columbus himself in September 1502. The great discoverer had no idea that this tiny land connects the two parts of the New World and that it lies between two oceans. Later its territories were among the first visited by Amerigo Vespucci whose chronicles gave much information about the new land. Moreover, he was the first explorer of the Americas and the new continent was named after him.

After that in the middle of the 16th century the country was entirely conquered and colonized by the Spaniards who nicknamed it as the Rich Coast. And they were right because there are too many reasons for that in all terms. The country offers the best possible conditions for growing sugar cane and coffee as well as it is rich in gold, jade and obsidian.

Costa Rica possesses a splendid biodiversity. Moreover, it’s one of the few countries in the world that really does its best to keep it. It’s a peculiar fact that 30% of the territory is occupied by national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and protected areas. The most preserved tropical forests not only in whole Central America are namely here.  I’ll open a bracket here. Because of that “bio consciousness” the widely used local greeting in Coast Rica is pura vida (pure life) that’s used instead of the Spanish “hola”. The bracket closed. The green rainforests there are inhabited by 160 species of reptiles, 130 species of fish, 874 kinds of birds and 205 species of mammals.

Apart from the flora and fauna, the country is a well known volcanic region (about 120 volcanoes) and that predisposes to thermal activities and the existence of springs with a various composition and temperature. The three most famous volcanoes on the tiny land are Poás, Irazú and Arenal.

Poás volcano holds the Guinness World Record for the highest geyser in one of its craters. On the other hand, its other crater, the Botos Lagoon, has turned into a picturesque lake as a result of the heavy rains there. Irazú volcano is the highest in Costa Rica. Its name derived from “istarú” which meant “the mountain of thunders and earthquakes”. Arenal or also known as the Fiery Mountain is a “young” volcano at the age of 4000 years. Despite this it’s the most active one with recent fearsome eruptions in 1968 and 2000 when it took victims.

And finally, here is some statistics for the record and two interesting facts about Costa Rica. The country has an area of 51 100 square km. The population is about 4 600 000 inhabitants. The capital is San José. The most striking thing about this pretty, spiritual and colourful country is that it’s among the most democratic ones in the world. Its army has been abolished as an institution and the country has relied on its police up to now.


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