Through the Three I-countries

069 Through the Three I-countriesThrough Italy and India to Indonesia … This is the route of a young woman in her 30s, the main character and author of the blockbuster “Eat, Pray, Love”.

Elizabeth Gilbert has everything that a woman can dream of but she is still missing something and that makes her unhappy in marriage. That’s why she initiates a divorce that lasts for too long. She starts a relationship with a guy and it is not what she’s expected. Instead of enjoying it, it leaves her alone, depressed and ruined. The only solution for her is to take a one-year journey in order to get rid of the negative side of her past life and start to live again. And, yes, she chooses the three “Is” – Italy, India and Indonesia.

Eat: The four months spent in Bel Paese helps her to start enjoying life again through eating, meeting natives and learning the singsongy Italian language. She lives in Rome but she doesn’t miss the chance to visit places like Naples, Venice, Sicily, and Sardinia where she understands the Italian point of view about life. The take-it-easy Italian style and the fabulous bel far niente as well as Dante’s language and the beauty of the country are the first steps of her one-year search for everything.

Pray: Then she moves on. She leaves for India where she spends other four months in an Indian ashram. She dedicates herself to the discovery of spirit. Owing to her spiritual guru, finally she manages to find her spirituality and now she’s ready to make a step forward to strike a balance.

Love: That’s the reason why she moves to Bali (Indonesia) where she re-discovers love. This time that feeling is quite different for her because of her already experienced rebirth. She falls in love with a Brazilian guy with whom she strikes the balance of the two.

Or in conclusion, this one-year trip contributes much to her new personality based on happiness, health and self-control without any sorrow for her past life and without the need of any pills. Moreover, she befriends lots of people everywhere she lives during this one year, one of them being a very charming Italian guy with the “delicious” surname – Spaghetti.

Luca Spaghetti is a native from Rome and he’s one of those who walk her through the town and shows her the secrets of la Città Eterna. He describes all this in the first chapter of his book “Un amico italiano – Eat, Pray, Love in Rome”.  The rest two chapters are dedicated to his two passions – his birth town Rome and America. By the way, it’s fantastic when a native Italian is your guide regarding the sites and cuisine in Rome while you’re reading his book at home. He also shares his adventures when he is in the USA and lives his American dream.

In the end, Eat, Pray, Love is a journey of finding “I” (i.e. the self) which sometimes we should take and maybe that “I” is to be found namely in these three I-countries.


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