DIY Creō

064 DIY CreōWhen we have to make a present, we always choose trivial gifts that bring joy at first but are somehow banal. We give them to our beloved creatures but actually, such presents are commercialized and simply bought last minute from the nearest shop. There’s no imagination almost always and items are as useless as sunglasses in the rain, Very often they are left somewhere and completely forgotten by their possessors. That’s why wouldn’t it be better if we “create” something using our fantasy and hands, something that will leave any imprint on people’s mind? The easiest way to do it is through the art of paper filigree.

Paper filigree (or better known as quilling) is that simple and amazing skill to use strips of paper, to twist, curl, roll, loop and finally glue them, so that we create shapes which we use as decorative designs for greeting cards, gift boxes and so on. That art has been known since the Renaissance when nun and monks used paper filigree to adorn book covers or items of religious value. Today quilling could be our way of expressing our love for somebody by giving a piece of our creativeness to our beloved ones.

In our boring lives very often we should find something extraordinary that would take us out of that boredom. One humble piece of advice is to decorate our homes creatively. Why not to paint the walls in various colours or put wall-posters of the places we adore? Then, should we keep old-fashioned, ugly and immense pieces of furniture or massive bookshelves or is it better to substitute them with folding bed-table-chairs inventions that keep much space and bring much joy to our lives with their strange shapes and forms. Moreover, they are DIY items that we can assemble by putting together any available items at home and of course, by using our fantasy mixed up with our know-all and can-do-everything skills.

Let’s move on with the preparation of food. I’ve got one post treating the topic of creative cooking and here is the place to mention that I am still a supporter of creatively cooked meals and creatively designed dishes. I am absolutely sure that your children would be more impressed with a simple sandwich that resembles a sportive bread car with two sausage creatures with pepper eyes in it, with two wurst wheels and some car decoration of lettuce and cherry tomatoes. And there will be a greater effect if all this is served with some bicycle salad and some juice in a guitar cup. Another bright idea is a piano sandwich for music-oriented kids or doggie risotto for animal-lovers.

And I’m going to end up the post with one genius whose magical illustrations are beyond any creativeness. He is Rob Gonsalves born in Toronto in 1959. As a child his interest in fine art and drawing developed and at the age of 12 he learnt perspective techniques and created his first paintings of buildings born in his imagination. Later he was influenced by Dalí and Tanguy and Gonsalves began drawing his first surrealistic paintings. His future magic realism works were affected by Magritte and Escher. If you want to touch to his marvelous art, just find a few of his masterpieces on the Internet and I can assure you won’t regret it. 🙂



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